Our Porn Sites is a porn review site giving you exactly the information you need before you signup at a premium site or want to visit a free resource. Basically, we help you to find your way through the porn site jungle with accurate reviews. Since there are thousands of sites with a lot of crap and actually only 2-3% are worth to visit, we collect the best sites and put them into this porn list.

There, we feature free as well as premium sites in over 60 genres. They both have advantages like "free is free", but on premium sites, you get the best quality and no annoying ads. Also, there is also exclusive content, which you don't get anywhere else.

So you get nearly 1000 of hand-picked, high-quality links without any ads. All sites are reviewed and we do our best to maintain an up-to-date list. That means we kick out stale sites and add new ones as long as they offer quality content. Sites just change over time - Some stop updating, some sell them completely, some update automatically from other sources and only a few (especially from the free sites) are getting updates over years. We don't fake any reviews - if we like a site or if we find really hot content we write that down. If a site offers some crap you will find a note about that as well. And if a site is complete crap or is just filled with ads it doesn't even make it to our list.

We’re all different, and we all have different needs and preferences – and that goes double when it comes to adult fun! That’s why we have porn of every category, type, and genre; we list mainstream sites that are huge and small-scale, niche sites with some pretty bizarre stuff that will freak you out!

If you’re dead set on checking every last site we have here, check out our FULL LIST OF PORN SITES – or just browse by categories like anyone else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

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Our Porn Stars

Everyone likes Pornstars, right? If you are one of the pornstar lovers or just want to search for new pornstars you even do not know yet, make sure to check out our Pornstar Database. Not only we have more than 14.500 pornstars including their measurements, no: we can also provide a small bio and links to free videos and galleries for most of them. Again, without any ads or annoyances. Just search by name, measurements, hair or eye color or by their age and just find models you like.

We really do our best to get the best porn sites for you and we try to update as often as possible.

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