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Cuckold Sites

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Cuckold porn sites are starting to become practically mainstream: you’ll find these videos on websites of big studios and porn tubes, but there are quite a few sites that specialize in cuckold scenes and movies. And Porn Sites & Stars has a list of the best ones!

What’s Cuckolding all about?

The actual word comes from “cuckoo” bird – and it paraphrases the cuckoo’s behavior of putting her eggs in another bird’s nest. Cuckold is the husband of an adulterous wife who loves to watch her getting pummeled by another man! The husband can only helplessly watch as his wife is fucked by another, usually a massively endowed guy who easily brings her to ecstasy. Oh – if the husband is cooperative and wants to serve her, he might join the action!

And WHY?

Cuckolding is the subdivision (no pun intended) of BDSM fetishes – it’s a submission fetish. Cuckold fetish combines the fear of your wife’s infidelity, fear that you’re unable to compete with another man and the excitement of seeing your wife getting pleasured. In most cases, the husband is humiliated and loves it because it’s a masochistic urge. Some men also just get turned on by the women's moaning - what he maybe can't achieve. On top, there are men who have to slurp the cum of the guy who just banged his wife. I've even heard of people getting pregnant by a stud in full consciousness of doing that! So the husband has to grow a child which is not his - just for his kink. Honestly, that's already bit weird and not the common cuckold thing.

So what do I see in a cuckold video

Cuckolding videos always include wife getting pleasured by another guy (not her husband). Beyond that, there are many variants: the husband can watch the action while hidden; the husband is present and humiliated; the husband even joins the action before or after the guy is done with the wife. Majority of cuckolding videos include a black guy satisfying the wife, playing on the stereotype that all black guys are massively endowed (well, they are, at least in these vids). In the end, everyone is satisfied: the husband got his pleasure from humiliation, the stud had a chance to bang a hot chick and the wife just had the pleasure of having two guys! Check out the list and enjoy cuckolding videos!

  1. What's cuckold? A cuckold is a husband who wants to watch his wife getting banged by some stranger. Usually a cuckold does not interact, but only gets humiliated by seeing his wife pleasured by some stud. There are a lot of videos interracial videos around as well, where the wife gets fucked by a black stud.

  2. Actually, I found this by accident and was surprised by the collection of videos and the low amount of ads, as the design does not look promising on the first look. This site hosts their videos on their own servers with videos you actually find everywhere on the internet.

  3. A tube online since more than 5 years offering free cuckold videos. Unfortunately the design looks "not that good", but it scores with the content featuring mostly interracial sex scenes.

  4. A premium site offering videos of cuckolds eating their girls out after the bull breeded her. They have to clean up their wife and they are craving to do so. If you enjoy the cum dripping out of a used pussy, I suggest to have a look!

  5. 15% OFF

    What do you do when you can't please your girl the way she needs? You call in a black stud with a thick cock to fill her up - hopefully you are allowed to watch!

  6. One of the rare real cuckolding blogs arounds. Every now and then (usually between 3-5 days) you get a well-written post about a subject of cuckolding. HowTo's, experiences and tips.

  7. is a premium domain name for cuckold porn. Unfortunately, they lack somehow of real quality videos - But you are still able to get a lot of sissys watching while their hotwifes are getting fucked in front of them.

  8. A free tubes site with a lot of cuckold related porn videos. There are a lot of ads, which you can turn off by going premium. Videos are great! ;)

  9. An Italian site for Cuckolding. Descriptions and categories are in Italian, but videos are not. So with some fantasy, you can also browse all of the videos by just watching the thumbnail or if you find specific keywords you can translate easily.

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