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Get laid with a girl on these great escort websites

Whats better than the best porn video? If you are in the middle of the action of course!

We love porn, we love to review porn sites and we are sure that most of our visitors just want to watch porn. But what if you want more? There is just one step above Virual Porn: Just doin' it! And if you want to get a high class girl, you have to check out these high class escort services - from all around the world!

What's an escort and what's the difference to a prostitute

You are not the first and won't be the last who asks. And it can be answered in a few lines. Basically, an escort does not have to have sex with you. She is actually getting booked to escort men: To dress up, to have a great dinner and to go home afterwards. Just kidding! ;) Of course, you can fuck here afterwards! At least if you not fuck it up.
Those are usually high-class girls, who just have one "client" a night and are usually way more expensive - but those chicks are damn hot and are used to getting handled more than a girlfriend than just a lady you fuck that one night.

Prostitutes, on the other hand, are just here to get fucked. You meet her, you pay her, you fuck her, you go home. You might have luck to get a nice chick, but mostly you are net only guy to fuck her that night and depending on your money, they can look weird too. ;)

Escort Services All Around The World

We have collected the best sites to find an escort girl in your country - or on your vacation. We have US websites, brazilian, europe, russian and whatever you may think of. If there are escorts in your country, you can be sure you can find it here! In the usual Porn Sites XXX quality, you get just the best of the best - or niche countries where we just can't offer better girls. :D

Whatever you might want to try - Crawl your way through the girls until you find a chick you like and you will be suprised on what they can offer - next to awesome sex.
  1. Europeans - watch out! If you are looking for a serious and professional escort service, there is no way around

  2. Eros 

    Eros is the place to find escorts in the US. Whatever type or age of girl you are looking for: you can be sure to find what you want. From dancing to massage, tantra or BDSM you can find girls of any kink.

  3. Look out for escorts at! Adult Look is a broker for escorts worldwide. Some girls even have some reviews next to their basic info like age, ethnicity and which languages they speak. The site itself is translated (not 100%) in many languages, as also the girls are from all around the world.

  4. Escort Directory is a big player in escort services. You can basically find girls in every major city. Right when I visited the site the first time, I got a bunch of offers with different type of girls.

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