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Added on 15-May-2019

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A developer of their team contacted to have a look at Sharesome and to see if it is worth a review. We regularly get suggestions by guys running a porn site, who introduce their website as the "next big thing" in porn. Especially community sites are hard to start, but Sharesome already has a solid userbase and since it was fun to crawl through their pages, I decided it to be more than qualified here. It is a mix of Twitter and Reddit in my opinion but judge for yourself of what social network it reminds you. The best thing overall networks though: every post is about porn.

I guess you know social networks and especially Twitter and this is what comes in my mind when I see Sharesome. You have your own profile and suggestions on the left, popular stuff on the right and stuff you have subscribed to in the middle column.

To watch adult clips and have a look at erotic pictures you just have to subscribe to their topics. Just follow "blowjobs" and you get blowjob videos - "cumsluts" for sluts enjoying a nice cumshot on their face and so on. Just follow and you get excellent content in your timeline without paying a dime. There are no full videos tough. Actually, porn production studios post their trailers or small clips of their work, so you can find them and subscribe to get the "real deal". Or you give them Flame Tokens!

Flame Tokens is the native currency at Sharesome and you can spend some dollar to reward content creators, to tip, promote your posts, and talk with your favorite pornstars! You get 100 tokens for $5, 1.000 for $25 and 5.000 for $75.

But back to the content: Next to the topics, the second big thing is the "stars", which is just a content filter like the topics, just that you follow pornstars. So getting videos and pictures of your favorite pornstars is just a click away.

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