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There is a second sexual revolution happening and it’s called erotic fiction. Erotic fiction has really taken off in the last couple of years. With the advent of e-books, porn becoming more acceptable and the smash hit 50 Shades series, erotic stories are flying off the charts like never before. Recent research even shows that women prefer to read erotic fiction over watching graphic movies, so if you want to get your lady friend in the mood, turn her on to some of these websites!

Don’t forget that the sensations of excitement, that erotic rush and sexual thrill all happen in our brain and that watching porn is just one way to achieve these pleasures! With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of top sites where you can find erotic literature and porn stories of any kind!

What Can You Do With Erotic Stories

Let your imagination run wild. Fade out into a different world, just like you would do with any other good book and just be there! You won't regret it. Just find the book you like and here are we going to help. :) We feature some huge sites like Literotica, where you can find stories neatly arranged by categories, search clouds and themes, to other lesser well-known sites that still pack an erotic punch.
The thrill of written word allows you to enjoy porn stories that push beyond your wildest dreams! Check out interracial stories, gangbangs, orgies, and seduction. Feel the thrill behind the build-up that leads to sex! Experience a rush of emotions and get super turned on as the protagonists are climaxing right there on the page in front of you! Written word is still one of the most powerful tools with regards to causing sexual excitement and eliciting emotion, so it’s no wonder that this category is so popular!

The best part is that you won’t just find straight and gay stories on these sites. There are plenty of other themes to explore like horror porn stories, stories set in fantasy worlds, first time stories, stories covering a HUGE range of fetishes, celebrity fiction, fan fiction, and more! There’s no limit to imagination – so visit these sites and enjoy!
  1. Solotouch is a free to use porn story site featuring solo, couples, lesbian and gay stories. Their story archive consists of more than 40 THOUSAND stories completely free for the public. Just pick a category on the left or search for specific keywords or authots on the right and you are ready to go.

  2. The most ugly, but still one of the best porn story sites on the net. They maintain a huge archive, awesome stories and an even more awesome community to discuss all kind of erotic and porn stuff. If you are looking for other people reading erotica, you have to join their forum.

  3. A huge collection of different sex stories, erotic fiction and some porn videos. If you write adult stories yourself, you can also submit them online to get listed in their archive. There is a good amount of different story tags yu can select from to submit or just read erotic stories.

  4. The Erotic Mind-Control (MC) Story Archive I am not sure why all sex story (or at least most of them) have to be THAT bad in look & navigation. It should be clear that readers have different demands than pornhub maniacs, but they regulary exaggerate IMHO.

  5. ASSTR 

    A.S.S.T.R stands for Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository Created from a newsgroup, asstr is the home to over 1000 authors of erotic literature. The site is available as normal website or as peudo-ftp

  6. A massive archive of sex stories. There are various niche categories you can select from. From "Adult diaper" to "Wife watching" you find hundreds of different free stories.

  7. They take it very serious when offering sexy stories. Means they don't use an image on their whole site. They only use text, but might be good to show their dedication, but some images would be make it easier to navigate or to see what this site is about.

  8. Erotic stories in German. Those are quite rare and so I am glad that this site does everything correct. A lof of stories with regular updates!

  9. TSSA 

    TSSA stands for Television and Movie Character Sex Stories Archive and holds hundreds of different adult stories. Just like many other story sites it looks a bit shitty, but people who love to read sex stories don't give a fuck on this minor downside.

  10. A free story site with a lot of categories. If you write yourself, you only need to signup to upload your own stories to get some audience.

  11. A blog of erotic stories: Once a week a new erotic story gets published which you can read for free. You can also submit your own stories and there is even a contest sometimes where the best story of the month gets an award. There are various cateogies to pick from from the left and the registration is free.

  12. Interactive Sex Stories, where you have multiple-choices to control the plot. You read on and after every section, you can decide where the story is going to. In the majority of the stories you are the protagonist and the story is told using second-person, just like in "normal"

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